Climate Controlled Storage

Also known as "temperature controlled", Climate Controlled storage spaces are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. These spaces help protect your valuables from extreme temperature swings and elevated humidity levels. Climate controlled spaces are also ideal for comfort of customers who visit their storage spaces frequently.

Climate Controlled storage units keep items in a constant environment (temperatures between 55F and 80F). To ensure climate control, our storage units are enclosed within a larger facility and upgraded with the latest keypad access controls, video surveillance and cutting edge heating and cooling systems. Call our friendly staff today to learn more about the benefits of climate controlled storage. 207-947-8777

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There are many benefits in selecting climate controlled over basic storage. Due to the extra costs, there are several factors to consider when deciding whether climate controlled storage fits your needs. We're here if you need additional help determining what your needs are. 

1. Cost to properly store valuable items can be less than the cost to replace them.
2. Visit self-storage unit in comfort as they are maintained at temperatures between 

55F and 80F.

3. Assurance that sensitive items will be protected such as files, pictures, records, etc.
4. Protection from wood damage caused by extreme temperatures. (Freezing and thawing causes wood and metal to expand and contract, resulting in warping, weakening, splitting and cracking.)
5. Prevention of yellowing and degradation of leather, fabric and clothing caused by exposure to heat, cold and the elements.
6. Extra protection from flooding and water exposure caused by humidity , rain and melted snow, as climate controlled storage units are typically enclosed.
7. Access to an on-site climate control expert, to help you find the perfect storage solution.



Storage Unit Size Guide

Standard Unit Sizes are:

  • 5 x 10
  • 10 x 10
  • 10 x 15
  • 10 x 20

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