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Top 13 Self-Storage Questions and Their Answers

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Frequently asked questions about self-storage

Self-storage questions commonly asked by a first-time renter. Self-storage is a great solution if extra space is needed. However, if it is your first time you may have several questions about self-storage. Questions like; what is the difference between drive up and climate-controlled units? What type of identification is needed? What is not allowed to be stored? These questions are often asked by new renters and their answers can be found below.  

What is the difference between drive up and climate-controlled storage?

Typically, a drive-up storage unit is also called a traditional storage unit. This means an enclosed outside building with a garage-type door for each unit. The renter can drive up to the door and access the unit. Traditional storage units have no heat or cooling methods.  

Climate-controlled units are found inside a building and are regulated for temperature and humidity. These units have the same type of doors but are enclosed inside a large building. The temperature is watched and is best for items sensitive to heat and humidity such as photos, antiques, and musical instruments. 

Other types of storage are outside parking which is exactly as it says. A parking spot inside the gate for protection. Other types can be covered parking which would have a roof over the parking spot. Bomarc Self Storage does not offer covered parking and has limited availability on outside parking spots with time constraints due to winter snow removal.  

What size units are offered? 

Drive up storage typically starts at the small size of a 5×10 (which is the least expensive) and ranges to the larger size of a 10×30. In between these two sizes are the other sizes found such as 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20. Some places offer oversized storage spaces with higher-than-normal ceilings and extra width in a 12×20 or a 12×30 size.  

Climate-controlled storage ranges from the smallest size of a 5×5 (the least expensive) unit to the largest unit of 10×20(the most expensive). The sizes in between these two are 5×10, 10×5, 10×10, and 10×15. Traditionally the ceilings are higher in a climate-controlled building than in the outside drive-up units.  

What will fit in a storage unit? 

Each size will hold a specific number of belongings. The best gauge is the size guide on our website: The industry standard is a universal guide, a 5×10 is like the size of a walk-in closet. A 10×10 will hold the contents of a 1-bedroom place. Then the 10×15 will typically hold the contents of a 2-bedroom place. Lastly, a 10×20 will hold the contents of a 3–4-bedroom place. It is best to rent a unit one size larger than you think you need. Especially if there is any question about fitting all the possessions in a unit or if you have extra furnishings, or oversized items. When talking about self-storage, it is in your best interest to have more space than not enough.

What kind of padlock do I need? 

When it comes to security, a good padlock is needed. A standard padlock works to satisfy the lease requirements but what if you want more protection? The disc lock is recommended by most insurance companies offering self-storage rental insurance. Read the insurance form carefully as they all require a certain type of lock for their coverage to be valid. Disc locks are recommended because they are difficult to cut quickly. It requires a noisy grinder and thieves like to be quiet. There are many diverse types of padlocks on the market from simple key locks to ones that require pass codes to unlock them. Finding one you feel your possessions are safer with would be the best one to choose.  

What type of ID is needed to rent a storage space?

At Bomarc Self Storage you must be at least 18 years old and provide us with a form of government-issued identification such as a State Driver’s License or state issued ID. Another form of identification would be a passport. 

How do I pay for Self-Storage?

We like to offer a wide range of payment options to make paying for your storage unit a breeze. At Bomarc Self Storage you can come in to pay in person, drop a check in our convenient Drop-Box, pay over the phone, use our easy online payment portal or use AutoPay to never forget your payment again. We accept money orders, checks, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa at all our locations.

Do I need insurance? 

Many self-storage facilities require insurance to store your items with them. We highly recommend buying an insurance policy while your items are being stored. The coverage is an added piece of mind for your possessions against unforeseen incidences such as break-ins, storm damage, structure failure, or other emergencies. We offer insurance or you can check with your homeowners or renters’ policies to see if they cover off-site storage. If not, we can add storage insurance at any time.  

When can I move my stuff in? 

Once you have signed a lease you will have access to the facility. If you are renting online, you will receive a secondary email with how to access the gate. If you are renting in person, you will receive personal instructions on the gate process as well as directions to your unit. In other words, as soon as the lease is signed you have access.

What hours do I have access to the facility? 

Bomarc Self Storage allows 24/7 access to the facility with your secure gate code. Each code is unique to a renter. For example, one code might be 4 digits long and another 10 digits long. The best part is you choose a code that is easy for you to remember. Our staff is available M-F 9am to 5pm to answer your questions and help you. All locations are well lite with 24/7 video surveillance and keypad access only.  

May I look at a unit before deciding? 

 “May I see a Unit?” is one of the most often asked questions at Bomarc Self Storage. Most self-storage facilities will offer a tour during business hours. We recommend calling our friendly staff and scheduling a tour. We offer tours 9am to 5pm Monday through Fridays. 

What kind of notice do I give when I am moving out? 

Each storage facility will have its own requirement for a move out notice. Some are 30 days and others are 15-day notices. However, Bomarc Self Storage only needs a 10-day written notice before vacating a unit. To make it easier for our tenants and their busy lifestyles, an email notice is the best choice. A quick simple email that states “I will no longer need my unit after” works the best.  

What security measures are in place here? 

All the Bomarc Self Storage facilities have cameras, keypad access to the gate, and lots of lights for nighttime security. Our facilities with climate control have keypad access only to the buildings. Each person has their own unique code. During the day on site staff bring an added layer of protection.

Are there restrictions on what can go in a unit? 

Most self-storage facilities will have a list of items that are not acceptable as storage items. These are money, priceless jewelry, firearms ammunition, and perishables. At Bomarc Self Storage our list includes food items like sugar, flour, cereal, rice etc. This list extends out to dry cat food, dog food or wild bird seed. Rodents are attracted to these items, and we do all we can do to discourage a rodent population. Our pest control guys would be incredibly grateful for your help in this fight. We also do not allow toxic chemicals, explosives or any living in the units.  

Each storage place will have its own list of items not allowed. They may have different security measures in place as well. Therefore, it is best to call and ask these questions before renting a unit.