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6 Winter Moving Tips

6 winter moving tips to help with any cold weather move

Following are 6 winter moving tips that are sure to help. Moving during the winter has its challenges, weather being the biggest challenge. Whether the move is cross country, cross the state, or cross town the weather plays a huge role in winter moves. Oftentimes, winter moves deal with snow storms, brutally cold weather and unforeseen delays. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the weather forecast during this transition period. 

Being prepared for the worst weather will make the move easier. It is best to keep in contact with the moving company for any last minute changes due to the weather conditions. If you are moving yourself, knowing whether a storm is coming will help in the decision on renting the truck. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the weather. The 6 winter moving tips below are sure to help you. 

6 Winter Moving Tips: Be Prepared is # 1

It is important to have your vehicle storm ready for the trip. Make sure the gas tank is full, tires are properly inflated, and any emergency equipment is in the vehicle. Unfortunately, breakdowns do occur. Being prepared takes some of the stress out of the situation. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the possibility of a breakdown during a winter move.

#2 Keep Warm

Secondly, keeping yourself warm and dry is a top priority. Wear layers, if you are warm you can take a layer off. Then if you get chilled you can put that layer back on. Keep extra gloves in your vehicle in case yours become wet or cold. A simple trick is to keep hot drinks and hot snacks available. Drinking a hot beverage will warm you up from the inside. 

One energy saving tip is to turn the heat off at both locations during the actual move. Once the movers are done, turn the heat back on. It is better to have the heat run steady for 30 minutes than to have it run all the time the movers are loading or unloading the truck and then the 30 minutes or so to heat the house back up. It is advisable to have a warming room if you turn off the heat. Choose a small room and bring in a few electric heaters. Keep in mind that children and pets should not be allowed in the warming room alone.

6 Winter Moving Tips: #3 Services On

Other things to consider are the services in your new location. Making sure the electricity and water are on, heat is running properly, Internet and cable are working will add peace of mind to any move. In the winter it is especially critical to have the heat operational. Therefore, making sure the services are on and operating properly will help during a winter move.

#4 Protect your flooring

Next, protect your flooring from the snow and dirt on the movers feet. Lay down plastic or tarps and keep a mop ready for any melting snow that makes it off the floor protection. This simple step could save you costly repairs to flooring. 

6 Winter Moving Tips: #5 Self Storage

An often overlooked option is renting a climate controlled self-storage unit. The benefits during the brutally cold winter are very apparent. The movers can drop most of the non essential items into self storage. Then deliver the essentials to  your new home. This will eliminate the time the heat will be off at your new place. The movers or you will not be exposed to the winter elements for an extended period. Then once you have unpacked the essentials you can bring in a few boxes at a time from self-storage. Self-storage is a great option for a winter move. 

#6 Be Flexible

Lastly, take some of the stress out of a winter move by being flexible. Especially during the colder months incidents happen that can destroy a schedule. Setting your mind on a fixed time frame can set you up for big disappointments. Therefore, breathe and know the move will happen, be flexible and understanding. 

Whether it is a large cross country move or a simple cross town move these 6 winter moving tips will help make a winter move less stressful. Being prepared and flexible about a winter move can make a tough task easier. In other words, take a little time and prepare your vehicle and homes for a winter move. Then be flexible about any issue that arrives that is out of your control. It is the little things that make a big difference in a winter move.