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How to Organize a Self-Storage Unit.

racks stacked with storage containers to help organize a storage unit.
Organize a self-storage unit with shelves and bins for easy storage organization!

Self-storage organization can save time and frustration. Imagine opening a self-storage unit and easily finding the item you are looking for. The only way this will happen is with organization. Most storage units are not organized, nothing is more frustrating than needing something and it is in a box at the back of the unit. Recovering this item requires emptying the unit to find the item then packing it all back into the unit. Who has time for this? Therefore, organization of a self-storage unit saves time and frustration.  

Organize for Resale Business 

First step is to determine the size unit you will need. A space estimator guide (found here) is a great tool to help determine the correct size self-storage unit. Next decide how much extra space you want. Then choose the unit size that will allow you the level of access you need. As a reseller you may need to access the storage unit daily. Being ultra-organized will save you time and money. Lastly decide how you will organize with shelves, labels, and bins.  

Now that you have an idea how you want it set up work up a plan-o-gram. A plan-o-gram is a diagram of where items are on a shelf. A plan-o-gram is a terrific way to know where items are located. A plan-o-gram will be labeled in sections and shelves will be numbered as well as the bins will need to be numbered. For example, the first section of the shelves could be labeled A, the next section B and so forth. Then each shelf in the section could be numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. The bins could be numbered the same way. Therefore, if you were looking for an item and it was in Section C, self 3, bin 5 you would know exactly where to go to find that item. This is a huge time saver. Imagine having to spend hours looking through bins to find an item. Instead have a plan of organization that will help you spend less time looking and allow more time for shipping and selling. In other words, taking the extra time at the beginning to set up a system will save you time and money on the other end. Safety hint: store heavier items on the bottom shelves. 

Simple Plan-0-gram of shelving sections for ease of finding items stored.
A section broken down into numbered shelves and bins with a list of bin items.

Organization for an Individual  

The same method of organizing will work for an individual as well. The only difference is that you could label the boxes and decide that Section A is for Kitchen items. All kitchen items will then be stored in section A. Next Section B could be the living room boxes. As you build each section label it with the room being stored on those shelves. Therefore, the plan-o-gram would be simpler.  

The benefits will far outweigh the cons. Imagine having to find the gift your sister gave you for your last birthday. She is coming for a visit and will expect to see her gift in use. Sisters are like that sometimes. The gift is in self-storage, and you have no idea what box it is in. This might require hours to empty the unit and go through the boxes looking for her gift. Imagine instead knowing it is in Section G and the box it is stored in is clearly labeled on the outside. Having a plan sure saves time and frustration.  

Now it is time to move into a new home. The next benefit of having a highly organized self-storage unit will be very evident on moving day. All the boxes for the kitchen will be together and clearly labeled. The moving company, if using one, can clearly see that the box belongs in the kitchen. This saves time and your money.  

Lastly, having an organized self-storage unit for a reseller is a necessity. The time it saves translates into money. Having an organized self-storage unit as an individual is purely a convenience. If you have the time to spend looking through boxes for items you need, organization will not be necessary. But if you are a busy person and have little time for a game of hide and seek with your possession’s organization is critical. Therefore, having an organized self-storage unit will save you time and frustration.